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Paratrooper Kerl has suddenly changed of scenery. He is now in outer space where he has to help someone.

To do so, he has to descend gradually from one platform to another, taking into account the use of 3 types of resources that exist in the scenario. He will have to ration these resources with intelligence and suspicion in order not to run out of fuel in the jet he is carrying on his back, not to run out of drilling machines or additional tiles that allow him to extend the platform.

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Based on "Paracaidista Kerl", zx spectrum 48 (basic) by

El paracaidista Kerl ha cambiado de escenario de manera súbita. Ahora está en el espacio exterior donde tiene que ayudar a alguien.

Para ello tiene que descender paulatinamente cayendo de una plataforma a otra, teniendo en cuenta la utilización de 3 tipos de recursos que existen en el escenario. Tendrá que racionar esos recursos con inteligencia y suspicacia para no quedarse sin fuel en el jet que porta a su espalda, no quedarse sin máquinas perforadoras o baldosas adicionales que permiten extender la plataforma.

Basado en "Paracaidista Kerl", zx spectrum 48 (basic) by Azimov

v1.00 initial version

v1.01 fixed problem when redefining keys

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MANUAL FINAL Spaceman KERL.pdf 378 kB
Spaceman Kerl On A Rescue Mission - Final 1.01.dsk 190 kB
Spaceman Kerl On A Rescue Mission - Master 1.01.cdt 36 kB
Spaceman Kerl On A Rescue Mission 1.02.dsk 199 kB


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Nice little game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:16:53. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Great fun little game. Beautiful presentation.

This game was a lot of fun.

Hello! great your game, I got to lvl9, how many lvl are there in total?

hi, mate. the game has infinite levels. Greetings

very good

gracias por el juego

Nice game!